Listen Up!

I use to dress really bad. Terrible. Very terrible. Don’t be mistaken I’ve always loved fashion and the latest trends, but funds and access to fashionable clothes weren’t always permitted; especially in college. My old ways of dressing weren’t “What Not to Wear” terrible, my style of dress was just basic. My style had no life, no color, no sparkle, and it was because my personal life was just as dull.

I previously had a blog on blogger, and I deleted it after two years. I had some amazing blog posts, but they were all from the past. I chose to delete it because I wanted a fresh start with something new.


I’m not trying to be the next Gabi Gregg or Love Brown Sugar. I want to be me. I know you’re wondering, who are you?

Let me be honest with you. I am a Black and Puetro Rican young woman who was raised in Humboldt Park, Chicago who recently graduated from undergrad with a bachelors in Business Communication. I currently reside on the South Side of Chicago. I’m a member of Giant Steps Church and Step Up Women’s Network. Nevertheless, I’m a writer.

Not really a fashion blogger or guru.

I love to write about all sorts of things. Especially the latest things in news, fashion, beauty, things I witness on the CTA, culture, and etc.

I never want to get to the point where this blog is more divaifed than queenish. It’s great to look pretty but it’s beautiful to be intelligent  about your surroundings.

So this is my warning to you, I won’t always stick to fashion and my latest outfits. You might have to actually read my post. I love you.


Lovingly Yours,

Queen Diva


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