I say I want to change, but do I really want to?


For years I’ve been wanting to lose weight and eat healthier, now that I am twenty I am starting realize that a healthier lifestyle must become a reality for me. I saw my doctor last week and she told me the same thing that I had been hearing for years “LOSE SOME DAMN WEIGHT”. Ok she didn’t say all that but I’m pretty sure that’s what she was thinking.

I did start working out with my trainer(aka my cousin who is completing his degree to become a fitness person/trainer/guy), its been going good. But I still find myself slacking off and not taking my health seriously. Like today I got a call from him because he hadn’t seen me in a couple of days to work out. I was so scared to answer  his call because I already feel like crap for being such a slacker. The environment I live in, doesn’t give me much motivation either (I won’t go into details about this), let’s just say I live with some not-so-healthy folks.

But I realized that if I want to get rid of my multiple health and body problems, I must stop being an unmotivated brat and get this shit going. So here’s to cleaner eating and working out!


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