Dreams Come True

I’ve had the best year and it’s only July! Last year was hell for me. I won’t lie about it. I had just got out of a bad relationship with my college sweetheart after almost four years. He got married to someone I considered my arched enemy and they had a baby together. I had to see them almost everyday, while I was in school. My heart was broken last year. My boss/mentor/”school” mom kept me together. She kept me alive, she made sure I was eating, she made sure that I stayed in school, and she told me it would get better. I was down and surely out. I’m not afraid or ashamed to tell it. I hung on her word that it would get better and it did. Many of my dreams came true this year.

I graduated from undergrad with a bachelor of arts in business communication. I’m living with my beautiful aunt and cousins in a beautiful home. I went to the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans. I met so many celebrities, but most importantly I met my favorite writer Demetria Lucas from ABelleinBrooklyn.com . Just a week after meeting her at EMF she came to Chicago to have Cocktails with Belle Chicago! Last year I daydreamed about going to one of her events and it came to past this year. I started a consultancy business and I have clients with an s. You may think all these things are minor, but these are all the things I’ve wanted to do for a very very very long time, and to have it come to my reality is surreal. I’m so grateful. I truly believe what you sow in sorrow, you will reap in joy.

Put aside from my Business Communication Consulting I’m working at a new place, it’s not my ideal job, but life is what you make it right? It’s an in between job, and I’m going to appreciate the employment that I have rather than give off negative energy. Before I can get my physical diploma I have to complete an internship. I’m interested in magazine, radio, and television companies and in that order. I’m looking for a great learning experience to help guide my career.

Demetria Lucas “Belle” and Queen Diva

The year isn’t over. There are still dreams on the list that haven’t come to past,YET but I’m going to keep working on making them coming to past. Until then xoxo.


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