Where Have You Been?!

Sigh. I have been MIA. Not because I wanted to but I have been busy with school. I’m currently taking chemistry and by the end of this year I will officially have my degree in hand. I am also working a part time job, so life has been filled with ups and downs since September.  Trust me I can’t wait for December 14th, 2012. It will be my last day of undergrad and maybe academia all together. Who knows?! Let’s just keep our fingers crossed for graduate school.

You can always keep in touch with me on twitter and Instagram.  I have been posting pics to my Instagram. You can follow me on Instagram and twitter @queen_me_diva.

After I’m finished with school for good, I will be back in action and better than ever!

Love you!




PS: I did have the pleasure of meeting founder Monif Clarke of MonifC.com and Patrice of Afrobella.com  at Boutique Larrieux Monif C Trunk Show.

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