Thankfully Thanksgiving!

When was the last time you said thank you? Celebrating Thanksgiving has made me pause for a minute and realize the beauties of living. I’m so thankful for my family and friends. This year has been so wonderful to me.  So many opportunities have been presented to me. I keep learning new things everyday.

I’m thankful for employment.  It’s not my ideal job, but this job has led me to meet Patrice of, vloggers Ms. Vaughn and Meechy Monroe (also known as the Monroe Sisters) of the new, and other public figures.

I’ve went on several interviews this year, and even though I didn’t get any of the jobs or internships I was one out of four girls who had a chance to be interview by Gabi Gregg of Gabi was totally cool and welcoming.

In one year, I met so many of my favorite bloggers and vloggers. I went to the Essence Music Festival this year, and met Demetria L. Lucas of and had a chance to go to Cocktails with Belle Chicago. I met two wonderful new friends at Cocktails with Belle Chicago: Akudo and Veronica and we started a writer’s group.

I also met Monif Clarke of at the Boutique Larrieux’s trunk show hosted by Patrice of Networking and just running into people has led me to more events and meeting new people, which I’m so thankful for!

This Sunday I will be attending The Monroe Sister’s Launch Party of  Rachel O and the Chicago Natural Meet Up will be hosting a Holiday Beauty Bazaar on December 1st.  December 8th, The Curvy Fashionista Marie Denee will be at Nordstrom’s hosting a Encore Fashion Presentation. I’m so excited and thankful about all these events!

Meeting my favorite bloggers is better than meeting celebrities to me. I feel closer to my dream than ever.

I’m thankful for another year to be a Leading, Learning, Loving, Lady, and always a QueenDiva!


Camille Jade’

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