Style Queue’s Launch Party

Last night, I had the honor to attend The Monroe Sisters’ amazing launch party for their new online boutique here in Chicago.

The Monroe Sisters, Vaughn and Meechy are actually really blood sisters along with their publicist Mya and younger sister Kay Monroe. It was beautiful to see sisters working together creating a family legacy. Style is a chic site, for all things fashion, beauty, accessories, and of course haircare.


Style Queue definitely has a something new something old feel with their 119 Vintage section. Their thrift section 119 Vintage was named after the street their maternal and paternal grandmothers lived on. 119 Vintage was established to honor their deceased grandmothers for being their fashion inspiration. In honor of their grandmothers there are donating a portion of their funds to Alzheimer’s and Diabetes research.

The Monroe Sisters did inform the party they will have some plus sizes available for purchase especially in their 119 Vintage section and some options in their apparel section. Don’t be afraid of the word boutique, Style Queue is affordable with the highest price being about $50.00. You can be fashionable and diviaifed without breaking the bank!

You can believe the party was jumping with DJ Daro on his ones and twos, their mini fabulous fashion show, and Brown Audio performing their single “Ms. Natural.” Chicago native Sherhara from The Sherhara Show was a lovely energetic host. The Monroe Sister know how to throw a party! More pictures are below.




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