It’s Tamar’s Time

Who knew Tamar could sing this beautiful? Timing is everything. If you have a dream keep working at it. Life is all about timing. It’s 12.21.12 the Mayans were wrong yet again. We still have time to make our dreams come true. Be faithful and committed to your dreams and passions no matter how hard life comes at you. That sure is my goal especially for 2013.

Last year Tamar was known as the spoiled big mouth little sister of Toni Braxton. This year she has made herself a well known reality tv celebrity and artist. With her over the top sassy diva ways and her new single Love and War Tamar has shown she does have her own unique voice and gift.

If you have watched Braxton Family Values or Tamar and Vince on WeTv,  you have seen Tamar get impatient, frustrated, anxious and try to become a one woman band. It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes perfect timing and a supportive team to birth your dreams. We have watch Tamar blossom. She still may be the same obnoxious outspoken diva she has always been, but we’ve seen her artistry bloom into a beautiful single. No matter if you love her or hate her; it’s Tamar’s time.


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