Curvy Girls on Nuvo TV


Curvy Girls  is Nuvo’s hottest show ever. It’s a reality show about curvy(+ size) models: Denise Bidot, Ivory, Lornalitz, and Rosie Mercado.

The show displays the whole plus size fashion industry, the struggles of being a curvy model, a plus size woman, a mother, and finding success.

Denise Bidot is a single and successful mother, who moved to New York to be closer to work. Her daughter’s father was very involved with his daughter while she lived in LA. Since she moved to New York he hasn’t been as involved because he lives in LA.

Rosie Mercado is bigger on the plus size scale, and even though she is gorgeous she still has difficulty finding work in the plus size industry. She’s also a single mother and has been divorced twice. Looking at Rosie you would never guess she’s overcome abusive situations. She is a survivor.

Lornalitz is the rookie from New York. She moved to LA to find work because she hasn’t been very successful in her own city. So she moves to LA and her future begins to look a little brighter. She looks up to Denise and she’s hoping Ivory will be a great mentor for modeling career.  Unlike Rosie some people in the industry thinks she might be too small for the plus size industry. It’s hard for her because main stream says she’s too big and the plus industry says she too small. She breaks up with her boyfriend, and in the first season of Curvy Girls she goes through a lot.

Ivory is a well-known model in the industry, and it’s winding down for her. She still has a great influence but she’s getting older and she’s having a difficult time with aging. She wants to become a mother, she wants to be a wife, but she hasn’t found any one who’s on her level. She has an old lover but he’s broke, and she doesn’t want to deal with that.

Overall, I love the show. It might be scripted, but you still see everyday problems of plus size women trying to achieve their goals with the everyday drama that goes on in their lives. Season two will be premiere I watched the first season on Hulu.

Nuvo TV is a new network. Nuvo TV  is the first English-language cable network for bi-cultural Latinos in the U.S. Which is great for me, because even though I am African-American and Puerto Rican my family never taught me to speak Spanish. I took Spanish in elementary school and high school. I’ve even been to Madrid, Spain but I’m still not fluent in Spanish.  That’s another topic for another day.

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