Throw Back Thursday: Girlfriends & SATC


Girlfriends and Sex and the City were my favorite shows in the early 2000’s. I always wanted three friends that I would lunch, party, cry, laugh, and grow together with. These two shows showed the importance of friendship and sisterhood. Before reality shows came and portrayed friendships as violent jealous relationships, we had valuable shows portraying women relations as loyal sisterhoods who still had drama in their every day lives. Through thick and thin, marriage, divorce, children, break ups to make ups Girlfriends and SATC show that when life isn’t peachy you have a friend/sister to keep you.

I usually don’t turn on the television but today I had a moment. I watched an episode of Girlfriends and SATC. Whew! If I had the day off I would have sat and relaxed with some sherbet and watched until the tv started watching me.

What were you favorite shows from the early 2000’s?


PS: I do love Girls on HBO with Lena Dunham.

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