Music Monday: “VaShawn Mitchell – Turning Around for Me (Live)”

I was looking forward to starting this week. I was getting ready for a phone interview this Wednesday. I have been studying and going over my resume. The job description was perfect and it was everything I wanted to do. I wanted to rock my interview. Today I received an email thanking me for applying for the position, because they had already found a “more qualified” candidate.

I had a moment. I told myself not to cry, but as soon as I told myself that I just let it go. I did not allow myself to mellow in my sorrows of discouragement. I gave myself a little time to cry, but I pulled myself back together. I know my worth. I know I could have rocked that job, but it’s not my lost.

I know sooner or later things are going to turn around.

Whatever you are going through don’t let it hold on to you. Things will turn around!

Camille Jade’

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