New Music: Kelly Rowland|Dirty Laundry Official Video

Just six hours ago Kelly Rowland released her Dirty Laundry video. Dirty Laundry refers to her past abusive relationship that she was able to escape from. Domestic violence and any form of abuse is a difficult battle to admit to. I honor Kelly for admitting that she was abused. I know this song has the ability to set a lot of people free. Not only are women abused but there are men out there being abused by love ones too. Many Bey fans were so caught up in the fact that Kelly admitted to being jealous of Beyonce, they missed the most important part of the song.

When a person is being abused by someone they love their perspective is screwed because the abuser has their mind and heart. The abuse is not only physical its mental as well. Abusers will isolate you to believe that no one else loves you or cares, so that you will only desire and depend on them. Abusers are selfish and manipulative, and even they have a story behind them too.

Kelly Rowland is a strong woman and definitely a survivor. Telling your personal business especially about the skeletons in your closet takes guts in today’s crazy connected and opinionated world.

The best way to set yourself free and heal is by telling your story.

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