Tresses: Flat Twist with Entwine Couture

My family celebrated my mother’s 40 birthday this weekend with an all white gala at Jackson Jungle Gallery in Wicker Park here in Chicago.


I washed and condition my hair and did small flat twist with perm rods. I used the entire line, from the shampoo to the creme jelly styler and creme de la mode, and raw vegan argan oil. I used all of the products in the picture above.

I really loved the shampoo. It was so moisturizing and creamy. I would definitely buy the shampoo and the creme jelly styler; those two are my favorites. I recommend the whole line, because the products are moisturizing and creamy. They give the right amount of sleekness without giving you flakes or a hard mold.


I’m wearing a white peplum dress from Fashion to Figure.




Second day hair. I did a chunky twist out for bed and slept with a bonnet on.


Here’s my beautiful mom. Her dress was purchase from Her white leather silver pointed toe heels are Jeffrey Campbell’s. Her black peplum top is from Target and her leggings are from Pay Half. The bronze heels are from Baker’s.

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