Foot Fetish: Jessica Simpson Eclair Platform Sandal

Looking for cute shoes and wearing a size 10 or over can be quite difficult! I have plenty of love ones who hate shoe shopping. Skinny and fat and short and tall, shoe shopping can be a pain in the behind.  Jessica Simpson has a wonderful shoe line that goes up to size twelve! I am loving the Eclair Platform Sandal in Runway Red in her collection.  You turn a little black dress out in this shoe!

Jessica Simpson Shoe Eclair Platform Shoe Runway Red

2 thoughts on “Foot Fetish: Jessica Simpson Eclair Platform Sandal”

  1. These are a great pair of heels. I wear a size 11 and understand the difficulties with finding awesome heels. JS is one of the designers I often go with. The fit is usually good and the shoes rock! 😉

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