Monday Morning Cocoa: Brown Beauties in Glossies

Grab your coffee and cocoa this morning, we need to talk!

The plus size and natural hair communities are buzzing about Gabourey Sidibe’s Harper’s Bazaar editorial, and Oprah’s huge afro on the cover of her September issue of O Magazine.

I love glossies, and for those of you who don’t know what glossies are, they’re magazines. September is the most important issue for fashion magazines, in my opinion . September brings a new season with new designs and trends. Mercedes-Benz Fashion week is in September with fashion galore; new and old designers showcasing their fresh collections.

At the same time the September issue of fashion and lifestyle magazines are the most criticized issue. It’s important that everything is polished, aesthetically appealing, and politically correct.


I think Oprah looks great with her afro. This cover takes natural hair to another level. O Magazine has a large diverse audience and this cover is a great conversation started to get people embrace or at least understand natural hair. Many people don’t even see the beauty of our tresses. Oprah is definitely making a statement! Embrace my natural beauty and texture, respect my choice, because regardless I’m still going to love me naturally.

Others are not fond of her cover because she’s wearing a wig. So what! The texture of her hair is still similar to the natural texture. I think it’s still a good step in the right direction. I’m excited to see her in the movie The Butler this Friday August 16th.

Yesterday on Facebook, I posted this picture of Gabby Sidibe in Harper’s Bazaar September issue.

harper bazaar gabby

I’m not pleased with this look at all. I wish they would have chose a better selection of clothing. This photograph tells me they have no idea what’s going on in the plus size fashion world. It’s sad to me. We wear beautiful clothes. I wish they would have sought out a plus size stylist. Reah Norman, Gabi Gregg, Marie Denee would have been fabulous stylists for this shoot for Gabby.

They could have put her in a sheer black button up blouse with a black leather panel pair of leggings with a red moto jacket. Same colors just fashionable, but I digress.

In better news, I think Kelly Rowland looks fabulous on the cover of Essence magazine. It’s about time!


Tell me! How do you feel about these covers?

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