Jill Scott responds beautifully to leaked photos


Jill Scott is the latest celebrity victim of privacy invasion. A private photo of her in a robe was leaked to the web yesterday. She admitted she took the photo  with the robe draped over her to measure her weight loss journey,  which is totally fine because pictures are the best way to see a difference while you’re on a fitness journey. The other photo isn’t her and I believe her. As always the cyber bullies both men and women had something negative to say, but Ms. Jill Scott has risen against the evilness of the world wide web.

Here’s what she said via Twitter:



I love her strength and her resilience! She let us all know that she loves her body, which is so important for people to realize every where. You have to love you! It’s the foundation of self love. So no matter what people say online or in person she’s already let us know you can’t spute your ideologies of beauty on her. Even in a controversy she teaches and spreads love. How awesome is that?!


I appreciate, love and honor her even more than before. She has shown us all how to be free, classy and a true queen.

Ashe Jill!

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