NYFW 2014 Weekend Recap

It’s one of my dreams is to go to New York Fashion Week (NYFW) but that’s every fashion + beauty lover’s dream. Right? Thanks to social media and technology I felt like I was there this weekend. There was such much going on. Here’s my favorite moments that I spotted in these social media streets.

Denise Bidot makes history as the first Latina plus model to walk in NYFW in the Chromat show. Chromat is also the same designer who makes pieces for Beyonce background dancers.


Here’s the legendary Naomi Campbell walking in the DVF show.

Marielle Bobo, Christina Brown, Melanie Yvette, Jessica Andrews, Ericka Goodman-Hughey and Julee Wilson

My inspirations! These are the fashion and beauty media mavens! It’s great to see love and harmony. This picture shows women of color can all be great, successful and cool. Kudos to them!

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