Flawless! The best mistake I’ve ever made


Over three years ago I chopped off my relaxed hair and went natural. My big chop wasn’t planned. My bff took down my crochets (interlocks, whatever you want to call them) after I had got off work one night. My only assignment was to comb my hair before I washed and conditioned. Well, I didn’t and my relaxed ends turned into dreads. There was no conditioner in the world that was going to untangle those things. I got the kitchen scissors and chopped those suckers out! It was liberating and exciting.

It was the best mistake I’ve made ever. Honestly it was. I know I’m Not My Hair by India Arie. Trust me I have been through many tragic moments. Relaxer, dye, braids, hair cut disasters, burns and much more. It always grew back but I damaged it over and over with relaxer and dye. For three straight years my hair has been the healthiest it has ever been, plus the longest it’s been since I was in first grade when I got my first relaxer.

I’ve been to so many natural hair events and met some awesome people. My style and perspective on living a healthy life has changed drastically. I started to watch what I eat and consume. Working at Whole Foods my last semester in college changed my outlook on the food industry, but it wasn’t until this year that I decided to stop eating meat. My mom and my sister joined me and with their support the transition has been smooth.

As one of my uncles said I’m the healthiest fat girl he knows! Lol! I eat well! I walk and when I can I workout. I fell off the wagon but once I get myself together I will be back in the gym.

The last three years have been amazing and fabulous. If I hadn’t cut my hair, I probably wouldn’t have this blog. Being natural has shaped me into becoming the woman I am today. I see the beauty in myself and I feel so free. I’ve learned how to love myself inside and out, and I’ve been blessed to encourage other people to go outside the norm. This journey has been such a blessing! I’m so grateful. Who would have thought a hair cut could change everything?

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