Transform your dreams!

It’s Tuesday and every Tuesday I see hundreds of transformation pictures. I love how the entire world abides by an editorial calendar. Every Monday is motivating and man crush Monday. Tuesday is transformation. Wednesday is woman crush. Thursday is the notorious throwback and Friday is flashback? I’m not sure about Friday but you get the point.

Have you ever despised transformation Tuesday because you felt like you haven’t transformed? I think we’ve all been there before. I know you see the pictures of people showing  their weight-loss, their new wardrobe and new sense of style or how some protein powder has changed their already defined biceps. No shade. This post isn’t about that.

For the past year my friend Niehla talked about her dream of moving to Los Angeles. For an entire year she reminded everyone in her life that she would move to LA. In every conversation, every single day, every week, every month all year-long some how she talked about LA. If you’re wondering if she got on people’s nerves talking about her move, she probably did.  In the beginning she didn’t know when she was going to move or how she would move, but she had it set in her mind that she was going. Not only that but she created vision boards and decorated inspiring quotes to remind herself of her dream.  She had bumps along the road but homegirl never let anything or anyone get in her way of moving. Niehla prayed and planned and guess what? Yesterday she arrived in LA and she’s unpacking as I’m writing this post! She spoke her dreams into a reality.

Three days before she moved to LA she was in New York for New York Fashion Week doing makeup for several runway shows. She’s the celebrity makeup artist that did Denise Bidot’s makeup for the Serena Williams show.  Watching her dreams come true has been marvelous and inspiring to me. Her journey to LA has made me realize that transformation Tuesday doesn’t only have to be about losing weight or getting a magical facial that closed all of your pores. Again no shade.  She reminded me that transforming can be about making whatever dream you have come true.





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