Ancient Fabulous: Hair & Weaves


When I first did my big chop I thought about getting braids. Box braids, Havana twist, Marley braids, Genie locs, etc but every time I told a guy friend of mine, he would always say ” I thought you are natural?” He’s conservative and doesn’t understand women’s hair at all. Not one bit! One day I’m eventually going to get me some braids and possibly a weave. I just think it’s funny how so many men I know always say they like women who don’t wear makeup or weave. Yet, they worship Beyonce. Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and  Kerry Washington without even realizing these women wear makeup and weave every time they’re in front of the camera.  I cringe when I hear people say “I don’t need to wear makeup.” Honey everyone could use some lipstick and mascara every now and then. I’m pretty sure you have seen the mean memes about taking girls swimming on the first date, so they can be able to tell how she looks without makeup and weave. I hate that some men have demonized wearing makeup and weave. I was so happy when I read about archaeologists finding an ancient Egyptian woman with extension on


It blew my mind! Over 3,000 years ago Black women were still walking around looking fabulous with their weave, dyed hair and makeup on. How awesome is that? There is nothing new under the sun. There’s nothing wrong with expressing how you feel through your hair and makeup, as long as you not trying to hide from who you really are. All things should be done in moderation. Skulls were found with shoulder length box braids and hair dyed with henna to cover their gray hair. I just wonder where did ancient women get their idea of beauty from? Today we blame our idea of beauty on media, advertisements, celebrities and bloggers, but seeing that ancient women, our ancestors were wearing the same hairstyles and beauty looks lets me know that our beauty regimen is deeper than what we have come to believe. I believe hair is a crown of glory and it also tells the state of your being in life. Nevertheless, I found this discovery of ancient Black women with weave and box braids to be liberating. Even though we wear our hair in box braids our legendary style has never been able to be put in a box throughout history.



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