Rest in Peace Titi Branch – Co-founder of Miss Jessie’s Natural Hair Care


When you hear the name Miss Jessie’s or the Soho Salon, you should immediately think of Titi and Miko Branch. I found out about Titi’s passing early this morning and I was shocked. I send my prayers and love to her sister Miko, her family and everyone who loved her. No one will ever know why she decided to take her own life. Mental illnesses and depression are real and sometimes there’s nothing we can do, but seek counseling and help whether it be spiritual and/or medical attention. Depression and the feeling of saddens heightens during the colder months of the season. There have been many suicides this year in the Black community. I believe the community as a whole has to change the way we view going to counseling and seeking help for our minds. Many of us view seeing a therapist as a terrible thing, but it’s no different than going to the doctor for a checkup. It’s just there to help you see if everything is well. Titi I don’t know what you were going through, but I hope you knew you were truly loved and you helped women and men across the world love themselves in their natural state. Your love and legacy will live on forever. RIP beloved.

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