Double the fun! Bloggers with clothing collections!

There's such a refreshing and exciting feeling I get when I hear that a plus size blogger is coming out with their own clothing collection. Plus size bloggers know the frustration and the needs of shopping while being fat. Even though the plus size industry has made a significant improvement with fashion quality sometimes there’s… Continue reading Double the fun! Bloggers with clothing collections!

Six questions to ask yourself in the fitting room

What's your go to stop when you're looking for something cute at the last minute? This past weekend I had a fashion emergency. I had nothing to wear! I know, I know but still I hated everything in my closet this weekend. I recently moved from the northwest side of Chicago to the south side,… Continue reading Six questions to ask yourself in the fitting room

Makeup for beautiful Brown Girls!

I love makeup and beating my face every now and then. I'm no makeup artist, but I hope in the near future I will be able to go to beauty school to learn how to do makeup professionally. There are a million YouTube videos of thousands of people doing makeup tutorials using high price brands like… Continue reading Makeup for beautiful Brown Girls!

Cocoa Boricua? Fashion & Beauty for people like me!

What does Cocoa Boricua have to do with fashion and beauty? I get side eyed all the time when I tell people the name of my blog. Some think I'm doing the most or picking one ethnicity over the other, and that's not the case at all. I decided to name my blog The Cocoa… Continue reading Cocoa Boricua? Fashion & Beauty for people like me!

Style it! Flirty Girl Punk

I'm getting so excited about Latino Fashion Week and Dangerous Curves Ahead Fashion Show! I love to style my outfits way in advance for any event. I'm sure you can tell I'm a girly girl. My signature colors are classic black and white with a pop of pink or red. When I'm going to fashion… Continue reading Style it! Flirty Girl Punk

Transform your dreams!

It's Tuesday and every Tuesday I see hundreds of transformation pictures. I love how the entire world abides by an editorial calendar. Every Monday is motivating and man crush Monday. Tuesday is transformation. Wednesday is woman crush. Thursday is the notorious throwback and Friday is flashback? I'm not sure about Friday but you get the… Continue reading Transform your dreams!

Beyond Exceptional Latino Fashion Week 2014

October is Chicago's most fashionable season. Latino Fashion Week is back! This year the Beyond Exceptional fashion shows will start on October 1, through October 5 and will be held at Block Thirty Seven. Last year was my first year attending and I loved the high fashion. I'm so excited about this year's Love Your… Continue reading Beyond Exceptional Latino Fashion Week 2014

Flawless! The best mistake I’ve ever made

Over three years ago I chopped off my relaxed hair and went natural. My big chop wasn’t planned. My bff took down my crochets (interlocks, whatever you want to call them) after I had got off work one night. My only assignment was to comb my hair before I washed and conditioned. Well, I didn’t… Continue reading Flawless! The best mistake I’ve ever made

Peace out jeans! Jean alternatives for curvy girls!

It’s freezing here in Chicago and NYFW is finally over with. I think autumn has finally arrived. One thing I despise about cold weather is wearing jeans. I’m an apple shape, which means my top is heavy and my bottom is smaller. Jeans can be and often are uncomfortable to me. They tend to hurt… Continue reading Peace out jeans! Jean alternatives for curvy girls!