Beyond Exceptional Latino Fashion Week 2014

October is Chicago's most fashionable season. Latino Fashion Week is back! This year the Beyond Exceptional fashion shows will start on October 1, through October 5 and will be held at Block Thirty Seven. Last year was my first year attending and I loved the high fashion. I'm so excited about this year's Love Your… Continue reading Beyond Exceptional Latino Fashion Week 2014

Latino Fashion Week: Love Your Curves Luncheon

I had the pleasure of attending the Love Your Curves Luncheon at Latino Fashion Week. Lornalitz and Rosie Mercado from Nuvo TV reality show Curvy Girls modeled in the show. The Blair Chic Boutique and the premiere of the Colombian designer Anastasia Casas were the only two showcases. The Blair Chic Boutique showcased its latest… Continue reading Latino Fashion Week: Love Your Curves Luncheon