Curvy Girls on Nuvo TV

Curvy Girls  is Nuvo's hottest show ever. It's a reality show about curvy(+ size) models: Denise Bidot, Ivory, Lornalitz, and Rosie Mercado. The show displays the whole plus size fashion industry, the struggles of being a curvy model, a plus size woman, a mother, and finding success. Denise Bidot is a single and successful mother, who moved to… Continue reading Curvy Girls on Nuvo TV


I'm all done with undergrad! I walked in May and I finished up all my requirements this fall. This past Saturday one of my best friends graduated as well. We celebrated all day long! Now that I officially have a business communication degree with a minor in English, I am looking forward to starting my… Continue reading Graduation

Style Queue’s Launch Party

Last night, I had the honor to attend The Monroe Sisters' amazing launch party for their new online boutique here in Chicago. The Monroe Sisters, Vaughn and Meechy are actually really blood sisters along with their publicist Mya and younger sister Kay Monroe. It was beautiful to see sisters working together creating a family legacy. Style is… Continue reading Style Queue’s Launch Party

Thankfully Thanksgiving!

When was the last time you said thank you? Celebrating Thanksgiving has made me pause for a minute and realize the beauties of living. I'm so thankful for my family and friends. This year has been so wonderful to me.  So many opportunities have been presented to me. I keep learning new things everyday. I'm thankful for employment.  It's not my… Continue reading Thankfully Thanksgiving!